The Wedding Party

Get to know our Wedding Party and read their stories about who they are, their interests and what role they play in our lives. They all have been a positive influence in our lives and therefore we would like to thank them for their support over the years. We are honored to have them represent us during our Wedding day.

Also you will notice that there is 3 Best Men, which to some may be unorthodox, but these guys have always played a major role in the Groom's life, therefore he couldn't choose just one. Each of them represent the Groom in different ways, so he's honored to have them all play the role of Best Men.

Sandra Santos Ferreira  ::  
Maid of Honour

The first time Marina met Sandra was in passing on the same night she met Konrad. Until about a month later, Sandra knew Marina as "Red" (girl in red Konrad was interested in), but finally had a chance to officially met her when she came with Konrad to a party at Pawel's house (one of the Best Men).
Marina and Sandra became instant close friends the summer that Pawel moved to Spain, and when Konrad went for a vacation to visit him. They spent the summer hanging out, and quickly noticed that their characters were a great match. Sandra has a very outgoing personality and is very easy and fun to talk to. It's always exciting to hear her stories as she tells them energetically (sometimes even by adding hand gestures and cool sound effects like "woosh woosh woosh").

Sandra is a Chemist by day, but she's an extremely fun person to be around (not that Chemists are no fun). She loves dancing and traveling, and for the past 2 years she lived in Spain, but now is moving back just before Marina’s wedding. Marina is very excited to have her back in Ottawa.
Sandra Santos Ferreira
Tatsiana Alfer  ::  

Marina met Tanya through friends in the spring of 2008 when they were both looking for a roommate. As soon as they met, they instantly got along and decided they would make great roomies. They've lived together for about 1.5 years (until Konrad stole Marina away), but they still remained close friends to this day.
Tanya is very social and you can always count on her to help out with anything. She often organizes great social gatherings with lots of food (and vodka) that keeps their circle of friends always close and strong.

She loves to travel as well as experience new things. She likes extreme activities such as Bungee Jumping, White Water Rafting and most recently Hot Air Balloon riding, simply for the thrill of the experience.
Tatsiana Alfer
Lorina Vishnevetsky  ::  

Marina and Lorina met through Tanya at one of Tanya's famous social gatherings. They also became good friends very quickly as their characters were a great match. Lorina is a recently graduated Lawyer, so in the past few years she was often near the books, but still found some time to hang out at school or go to the gym with Marina during breaks.
She also likes to travel and loves to dance. Recently she was a bride herself but her honeymoon vacation is still yet to come (she hopes for a sunny location with lots of dancing).
Lorina Vishnevetsky
Rafal Kania  ::  
Best Man

Although Raf and Konrad are not brothers by blood, they always considered themselves like ones. They grew up together in the same house until they both left Poland. Raf being the older brother, always had some kind of an influence on Konrad, regardless whether it was positive or negative, it all seemed like a good idea at the time.
While growing up in Poland, Raf and Konrad always conspired with competing ideas. You'll often hear them tell stories from their childhood when one had an idea, and the other had even a better idea. These ideas often lead to either something breaking, rare fires or small explosions.

Raf is probably the only person that's more passionate about snowboarding than Konrad. In fact, Raf persistently tried to convert Konrad from skiing to snowboarding. He succeeded after 10 years, and decided to give him a snowboard for Christmas (before Konrad changed his mind about giving snowboarding a try).

Although living quite a distance apart, Raf and Konrad still manage to get together few times a year, whether it's for family holidays or vacations. Despite the distance, they still think of each other as brothers.
Rafal Kania
Richard Kiefl  ::  
Best Man

Richard and Konrad know each other since 1993 when they met in grade 7. They hung out throughout high school (when Richard was considered the honorary Polish), but became close friends in University. Over the years Richard was always a loyal friend that Konrad could count on and on numerous occasions, Richard was the conscience behind quite a few of Konrad's decisions.
Richard always puts others ahead of himself, and he doesn't like to make thing easy for himself either. He always tries to push the envelope and go that extra step to show how much he cares. In Poland we have a saying that a great friend is one that is ready to eat a bag of salt for you, and he certainly fits that profile.

Richard loves nature and recently developed a passion for sailing. Now, just like Konrad, he's waiting for some good wind to power the sails and get out on the water.
Richard Kiefl
Pawel Czechura  ::  
Best Man

Pawel and Konrad probably first met around 1998 by the Polish Church. It wasn't until when they randomly ran into each other near the Parliament on Canada Day and decided to hang out, that they became friends. In more recent years, Pawel became Konrad's close friend who also provided a lot of support and loyalty during the good and the tough times.
Pawel, a chemistry mastermind, doesn't fit the typical Chemist stereotype (again, not that Chemists are no fun). He's extremely outgoing, always young at heart who loves to enjoy life. For the past two years, while completing Post-Doctoral studies, he lived in northern Spain and is moving back to Ottawa just in time for Konrad's wedding. He loves travelling and recently developed a passion for surfing, which may not be an ideal sport for the Ottawa area. Pawel is also considered a great dancer, although he may be the inventor of the "one finger dance" (which may have been invented for some of his non-dancing expert friends).

Over the two years, Konrad visited Pawel twice in Spain, plus they regularly got together for drinks over Skype to catch up on life's new developments. Pawel and Sandra were the first people to celebrate Konrad's and Marina's engagement in Paris as they joined them shortly after on their trip. They were happy and excited to share and celebrate this great news with their close friends.
Pawel Czechura


Wedding Ceremony
followed by a Reception
September 3rd, 2011
Wedding Ceremony
The Bridal Procession will begin at 2:00 p.m. sharp, so we would appreciate if our guests arrived at least 10-15 minutes early.
Group Picture
at ~3:05 p.m. (weather permitting)
starts at 5:00 p.m.
Wedding Ceremony
at Saint Patrick’s Basilica
on 220 Kent Street,
Ottawa, Ontario
at the Baldachin Inn on
111 St. Lawrence Street,
Merrickville, Ontario
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